Honey bees fly out to collect nectar, after they return to the hive and begin the process in which nectar is made into honey. The nectar is thickened inside the hive by the natural body enzymes of the bees, after it is encased into combs in which the process of maturation starts. When the honey is mature, beekeepers harvest it by a careful procedure of centrifugation. There is no input of heat during the process, which makes the valuable substances inside the honey remain untouched.

Honey, also known as the ‘Golden Juice’,  has become a great substitute of sugar. It can be used for refining desserts, muesli, beverages, pastries, among other food accompaniments. It is also used as an alternative medicine or remedy, such as the fennel honey.


Honey powder is a product used in the food industry. It is made by a process in which the liquid honey is mixed with a stabilizer made of wheat, starches, or sugars such as maltodextrin or fructose, in order to keep the powder from clumping. When the mixing is done, the honey is sprayed dried and left to dehydrate into fine powder using heat.

Honey powder is commonly used as a replacement of sugar while baking. It is popularly used in puddings, biscuits, cakes and bread.