Maple syrup comes from three types of maple trees cultivated in Canada, the sugar maple, black maple and red maple. In cold climates, trees store starch in their trunks and roots before winter. The starch is then converted to sugar and it rises in the sap in late winter and early spring.
To make maple syrup, careful openings are made by drilling holes into the trunks of the tree. Exuded sap is tapped and collected without harming the trees. After, the sap is boiled down, leading to a great amount of water evaporation. The result of this heating process is concentrated syrup.

Maple syrup is traditionally used for pancakes, waffles, french toasts, ice cream, desserts, among other dishes. Maple syrup is also used in baking as a sweetener or flavouring agent.

Maple syrup contains valuable nutritive vitamins, such as vitamin C.

Available as: conventional, organic, kosher, halal
Minimum order quantity: 1 x 276kg drum / 1 full pallet / 1 x 1,330kg IBC





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