Agave syrup is extracted from the blue agave plant, cultivated in the arid lands of Mexico. To make the agave syrup, sap is taken out from the core of the plant, called the ‘piña’. After, it is filtered and heated at a low temperature until it becomes a syrup-like liquid. Agave syrup is offered in different colour varieties, its colour varies from light to dark amber, depending on the degree of heating.
The taste of the syrup also changes as the color gets darker. The light syrups undergo a lesser heating process and a more profound filtration which produces a mild, almost neutral flavour. It is used in beverages and various culinary applications. The amber agave syrups have a medium-intensity caramel flavour and is therefore used in dishes and drinks that have a stronger taste. Dark agave syrups are unfiltered and go through a more intense heating process, therefore it contains a higher concentration level of the agave plants minerals. Its taste is even stronger and it gives a very distinct flavour to food, it is used in desserts, poultry, meat, and seafood dishes. Both amber and dark agave syrups are also used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and french toasts.

Due to its high fructose levels, agave syrups are an intense sweetener. Their taste can be sweeter than customary sugar. This product has become very popular as a vegan substitute for honey.

Available as: conventional, organic, fairtrade, naturland, kosher, halal
Minimum order quantity: 1 x full pallet / 1 x 1.380kg IBC




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