Tuchel & Sohn is a family-run company established by Gustav Tuchel in 1898. At first, the company dealt with medicinal herbs and dehydrated vegetables. Honey, currently the main business, followed a few years later. Today, Tuchel & Sohn is managed by Peter Tuchel, the fourth generation of the family. The company is located in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout the years, our product range has extended greatly. We are proud to offer a diverse number of sweet and natural products to our customers. These are not only related to honey or bee-products, but also agave, maple and different fruit syrups in conventional and organic specifications. We have also expanded our portfolio to include high quality natural sweeteners, such as coconut flower sugar, coconut flower syrup and maple sugar. Our goal is to offer customers a wide range of individual products, suitable to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, our products are not only widely used in the food industry but also in wineries, spas, cosmetics and more. We are a member of the Hamburger Warenverein, the German honey association and are exhibiting at many fairs, amongst others at the Anuga, Biofach and Sial.